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You may be planning construction around existing trees and aren't sure which trees will survive and how best to protect them.
Trees are important assets to communities so many cities in Oregon like Portland, Lake Oswego and Tigard have laws regulating their removal and requiring an arborist to evaluate how they may be impacted by construction.

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Trees & Construction


Arborist Report

Arborist Report Letter

Most often, we:

  • perform tree inventories early in the development planning process, 

  • share with the engineers, architects and planners which trees are most suitable for preservation,​

  • evaluate which trees will be removed in order to complete the planned construction,

  • identify which trees are protected by the City and need tree removal permits, and

  • prepare tree protection measures to help the trees be assets at the end of the project rather than liabilities and write an arborist report.

  • assist the planning team in creating a tree protection plan, and

  • monitoring construction and providing recommendations on root pruning.

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